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Juan Pinto
Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Kennedy Scholar

Juan is from Plainsboro, New Jersey. He has minors in modern Hebrew and linguistics. Juan speaks Spanish and Hebrew and currently lives in BYU’s Foreign Language Housing. He has participated in the BYU Jerusalem Center Study Abroad, the Archaeological Fieldschool in Jordan, and the Cambridge Direct Enrollment. Juan plans to pursue a PhD in Semitic studies and the Hebrew Bible with the goal of becoming a professor and researcher in the field.

Taylor Shippen
International Relations
Kennedy Scholar

Taylor is from Alpine, Utah, and speaks Chinese. He has a minor in Asian studies and has traveled with the Global Diplomacy Study Abroad, participated in BYU’s Wheatley International Affairs Conference, and interned at the U.S. Department of State. Ryan has served as president of the Foreign Service Student Organization, a member of Model United Nations, and a researcher for Aid Data. He is also a published author at the Claremont EU student conference proceedings for the Rice Paper Project. Taylor hopes to work for the U.S. Department of State as an economics officer.

Taylor Rawson
Kennedy Scholar
International Relations

Taylor is from Okemos, Michigan, and is studying international relations. She is minoring in Spanish, which she speaks, and has participated in the Spain study abroad. Taylor has been an active member of Model United Nations. She has been a teaching assistant for the program, and she is a receipient of the "Outstanding Delegation" award. Taylor has also been a  teaching assistant for the geography department, a research assistant for the political science department, and a memberof the Honors program, Phi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Iota Rho. Taylor plans to pursue both a master's and a PhD in political science with an emphasis in comparative politics after graduating in April.

Adam Long
International Relations and Business Management Strategy
Kennedy Scholar

Adam is from Lindon, Utah, and he speaks Spanish and Portuguese. He has participated in the Global Business Study Abroad, the Oxford Seminar on Social Innovation, and Cambridge Direct Enrollment. Adam has served as president of the Global Citizens for Study Abroad and the Business Strategy Program, co-creator and president of GlobeLink, and BYU Student Advisory Council representative from the Kennedy Center. He hopes to use his education in developing market expansion and foreign policy to extend the opportunity to succeed across the globe.

Andy Nelson
Portuguese and Latin American Studies
Kennedy Scholar

Andy is from Brigham City, Utah. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and has resided as a student and intern at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. He has also lived in Spain and Portugal. Andy has been president of Student Association for Latin American Studies, a council member of Phi Lambda Beta, a recipient of the FLAS scholarship, and  a presenter at the Inquiry Conference. Andy plans to attend graduate school and then seek a career in academia or international affairs with the U.S. government.

Ryan Hughes
Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic
Kennedy Scholar

Ryan is from Mesa, Arizona, and has presented research on diversification in mosque attendance in the Salt Lake County. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, the Model Arab League (for which he was the chair at Rocky Mountain Regional Conference), a committee member of the Middle Eastern Studies Arabic Students, and a teaching assistant on campus. He is also on the dean’s list. After graduation, Ryan hopes to study international law at the graduate level. He wants to help religious minorities within the Middle East obtain greater recognition and rights within their respective countries.

Sydney Outzen
International Relations
Kennedy Scholar

Sydney is from Fauquier Country, Virginia. She has a minor in Arabic, which she also speaks, and has participated in a language study abroad in Jordan. She has also interned for the government working as a quantitative methodologist and as a campus recruiter for Teach for America. She is a participant in Amnesty International, a writer for Praemon, and a teaching assistant. Following graduation, Sydney plans to return to the DC area to pursue a master’s degree in national security.

Matt Moen
Kennedy Scholar

Matt is from Emmett, Idaho. He has minors in statistics and business strategy and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. He has participated in the Oxford Seminar in Social Innovation program and the Pembroke-Kings Program at University of Cambridge, and he has interned at Vivint and the LDS Church Welfare and Employment Office in Bolivia. He has also been a research assistant and a co-author of two case studies in the Department of Organizational Leadership and Strategy. Matt plans to obtain an MPhil in Land Economy Research at the University of Cambridge before pursuing a DBA in strategy.

Macie Bayer
Kennedy Scholar

Macie is from Norco, California. She is minoring in political science and international development, and as part of her studies has interned performing project evaluation and assessment in Malawi. She is a member of Model European Union and co-president of Students for International Development. Macie plans to pursue a master's degree with a focus on international service or development.

Caroline Black
International Relations
Kennedy Scholar

Caroline is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a minor in Chinese (Mandarin), which she speaks, and she has live in China as a study-abroad student and an intern data analyst. Caroline has served as president of Sigma Iota Rho and COO of WomanStats Project and has worked as both a research and a teaching assistant on BYU campus. Caroline plans to work in government affairs for a large corporation and become an advocate for women’s rights.

The Kennedy Way
Leadership with a Global Perspective

Explore the key values that contributed to David M. Kennedy's leadership style and global perspective, both of which are inextricably linked to his lifetime of service. Ambassador Kennedy's vision and legacy are captured on this new forty-one minute video.

Richard Bruner
Kennedy Scholar

Richard is from American Fork, Utah. He has a minor in international development and speaks Romanian and French. He has participated in the Rwanda Study Abroad, and he interned for PEAT in India, where he evaluated a project that delivers water to Indian slums. Richard hopes to further his proficiency in Romanian and study Hindi in the near future. After graduating, he intends to work for the U.S. State Department and return to Romania and India to put his language skills to work.

Bradley Anderson
International Relations and Japanese
Kennedy Scholar

Bradley is from Tacoma, Washington, and speaks Japanese, French, and Arabic. He has interned with the World Trade Center Tacoma, the United Nations, and the European Union and has studied abroad in the BYU Jerusalem Center. Bradley is a co-facilitator for the Honor’s Interdisciplinary Curiosity Club and an assistant editor for The Rice Paper Project. He has received two “Outstanding” awards for Model United Nations and has spoken at the Human Rights Council. Bradley plans to attend graduate school at Johns Hopkins and then work developing diplomatic options between volatile regions through trade. He would also like to be a consultant for foreign policy actors, contributing funds for constructive innovative ventures.


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