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Kennedy Center Lectures
Come to a new semester of lectures and foster your global perspective with topics such as Mexico’s migration challenges, transatlantic relations, healthcare, memory and modern literature, and more. Register for IAS 301 (1.0 credit hour), come by each Wednesday at noon in 238 HRCB, or watch live on campus (IPTV ch 192).
Political Affairs Lecture Series

"Practical Politics and Policymaking"
Thursdays, 4:00 p.m., 238 HRCB

Presentations from career professionals in a wide range of fields, followed by a Q&A session. This series may be taken for one credit hour as Pl Sc 349R.

Global Health Internships
Internship and research themes may be any of the following: Environmental health, mental health, leprosy relief, diabetes, ethnomedicine, development, autism, reproductive/maternal/child health, intellectual disability, deaf education, HIV prevention. Learn more
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Cultural Intelligence

Earn 3 hours of upper-division elective credit.
Earn a Global Awareness GE requirement.
Develop cultural competence—a critical skill for your future career in global business, law, development, education, or more.
          Intercultural Outreach: IAS 353

Communications Study Abroad
Spend your winter in the New Zealand summer developing journalism/PR/advertising/media skills in a diverse cultural context on issues affecting the Maori, Samoan, and Asian populations. You will employ ethnographic, social media, and journalistic field reporting practices to study sociocultural issues. More information coming soon.

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Crismon Lewis
FLAS for Chinese

Crismon is from Gresham, Oregon, and is minoring in Asian studies. He studied abroad in Nanjing, China, and has worked as a research assistant for Professor Steven Riep. He is also the current chief editor of The Rice Papers, BYU’s student journal for Asian studies. After utilizing the FLAS scholarship at a language institute in Taiwan, Crismon plans to pursue a PhD in Chinese literature with the intent of becoming a professor in the field.

The Kennedy Way
Leadership with a Global Perspective

Explore the key values that contributed to David M. Kennedy's leadership style and global perspective, both of which are inextricably linked to his lifetime of service. Ambassador Kennedy's vision and legacy are captured on this new forty-one minute video.

Timothy Olsen
Political science and Korean
FLAS for Korean

Tim is from Fairbanks, Alaska, and in addition to his double major, he is minoring in European studies. He has participated in a study abroad in Paris and direct enrollments in Kyung Hee University and Yonsei University in South Korea. He has also worked with an NGO to help North Korean defectors successfully adjust to South Korean life. He is interested in comparative politics, specifically the political systems on the Korean Peninsula. Tim hopes to help shape U.S. foreign policy regarding the Koreas.

Christine Heathcote Hale
FLAS for German
Art history graduate student

Christine grew up in Tustin, California. She graduated after studying Latin and Italian for several years, and decided to also study German after being accepted into the art history graduate program at BYU. She is writing her master’s thesis on sixteenth-century German paperworks, particularly Albrecht Dürer, whose paperworks include specifically the drawings, journal entries, and prints produced in Germany right before the Reformation in 1517. Christine hopes to achieve fluency in both reading and speaking German to to aid her in her academic career.

Joel Thunborg
German linguistics
FLAS for Swedish

Joel is from Arizona and has studied several Germanic languages, primarily Swedish, and he speaks six languages at an intermediate or higher level with exposure to additional languages at a more basic level. His goal is to achieve fluency in all of the major, modern Germanic languages. After graduating from BYU, he plans to obtain a PhD in the Germanic field and become a university professor.

Trenton Christensen
FLAS for Turkish

Trent is from Boise, Idaho, and spent five months living in Istanbul, Turkey, where he established a solid foundation in Turkey's language and a deep interest in its culture. He is currently working to further his knowledge of the language. Following graduation, Trent hopes to return to Turkey to work in the business field.

Jessica Morgan
MA Linguistics
FLAS For Korean

Jessica is from Independence, Missouri, and is studying linguistics. She has studied ten different languages to varying degrees, but she is most adept at Korean, which she learned during her three and a half years in Korea teaching English and volunteering with North Korean defectors. Jessica hopes to return to Asia after graduating to work with an NGO out of South Korea. Eventually, she would like to work with the United Nations World Food Program and help bring aid to North Korea. 

Julie Kohler
MA Comparative studies
FLAS for Russian

Julie Kohler is from Caldwell, Idaho, and is in Kaliningrad, Russia, where she is taking courses at Emmanuel Kant Baltic University. After completing her degree, Kohler would like to work in Russia as an English teacher for approximately two years and then return to the U.S. to pursue a degree in library sciences. Julie plans to work as an academic librarian, using Russian to work with foreign institutions. 

Michael Schulte
Economics and Chinese
FLAS for Chinese

Michael is from Kokomo, Indiana, and has lived in Austria. He is fluent in German and Dutch and proficient in Chinese. Michael is a member of the Business Strategy Club and the Chinese Club, and he plans to enter an MBA program emphasizing in operations and logistics.

Kiersty Lemon
MA Hispanic literature
FLAS for Portuguese

Kiersty is most recently from Utah, and she is currently working on an MA in Hispanic literature. She graduated with a BA in Spanish in 2011 and has traveled to several Spanish-speaking countries. Kiersty plans to continue her studies and seek a PhD in Hispanic literature.

Renée Harrison
FLAS for Indonesian

Renée is from Sandy, Utah, and speaks Malay and Mandarin Chinese. She is seeking to be more involved in Indonesian and Southeast Asian affairs. Ultimately, Renée hopes to use her law degree to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a special agent and use her language skills to work in the relations between Asia and the United States.

Scott Savage
FLAS for Chinese
Theatre Arts major/dual Immersion K-12 Immersion minor

Scott was raised in northern California and central Utah. In addition to a theatre arts major he is studying minors in TESOL and Dual-Immersion (Chinese). Scott speaks Mandarin at an intermediate-mid level, and he spent two weeks in China studying with the Peking Opera and teaching Chinese students about American theater and dance. He hopes to continue the study of Chinese for the rest of his life and plans to pursue a doctorate degree.

Christian Agle
FLAS for Japanese

Christian Agle is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has lived in the Japanese House at the Foreign Language Student Housing. Christian hopes to further his studies in Japanese with a focus in classical Japanese literature.

Taylor Hoj
Physiology and developmental biology
FLAS for Danish

Taylor is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and served a mission in Copenhagen, Denmark, where his father was born. Since returning, he has been taking Danish classes. His future plans include attending medical school and becoming a doctor.


Congress, the CIA, the NSA, and the Broader Intelligence Communit

Save the date to hear our guest Michael Bahar, general counsel for Minority Staff of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, on Thursday, 25 September at 2:00 P.M. in 238 HRCB.
In the News
As we remember 9/11, revisit "From Retreat to Re-engagement: American Policy toward Sub-Saharan Africa Before and After 9/11," presented by Robert G. Patman, professor of international relations, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, in 2008.
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